Teacher Certification Program

Certifying, preparing and empowering you to build tomorrow’s generation through a flexible, affordable, nationally accredited teacher certification program.

Start your teaching career today.

Teaching online

Teacher preparation that fits your life

TCP’s core curriculum is delivered online and on a part-time basis, so you can complete the majority of the program from anywhere in the world alongside your current schedule.


The affordable way to become a teacher

Get your teaching qualification at a fraction of the cost of on-campus programs and manage enrollment fees with flexible payment plan options.


Quality instruction that sets you up for success

This nationally-accredited program provides you with the small class sizes, innovative learning environment, deep teacher-student engagement and expert instruction to prepare you for your very own classroom.

Hired teacher

The right move for your career.

As an exclusive recruitment partner of the Hawai'i State Department of Education, Teach Away provides you with access to job opportunities throughout Hawai’i and beyond.


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Accredited by AAQEP

Hawaii State Approved

Hawai'i State Approved

What are the steps to teacher certification?

Application online

Submit your online application.

Are you eligible to work in the US and hold a four-year bachelor’s degree? Submit your initial application at any time!

Admission Advisor

Complete your enrolment with an admissions advisor.

The TCP team is here to help guide you through every step of the admissions process, help select your cohort and submit your final documents to get started!

Complete TCP Core and clinical placement

Complete TCP core and clinical placement

You’ll have six months to complete the online core curriculum at an average of 15 hours a week. Your three-month clinical placement can be completed concurrently with or upon completion of TCP core, followed by a one-year paid residency in Hawai’i.

Jumpstart your career

Jumpstart your career

As a certified teacher, you’ll have access to jobs throughout the state of Hawai'i as Teach Away is an exclusive recruitment partner of the Hawai'i State Department of Education and leaders in education around the world.

Where could you be hired?

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to apply for a Hawai’i state teaching license and be eligible for jobs throughout the state and beyond.

Taking the next step in your career is even easier once you’re certified as Teach Away is an exclusive recruitment partner of the Hawai’i State Department of Education, connecting teachers with hiring schools throughout the state.

From teaching training to placement, we’ve got you covered.

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Who is the Teacher Certification Program for?

Inspiring Teachers

Aspiring Teachers

A few years out of college, a recent graduate, or a soon-to-be-graduating student looking to jumpstart your career in education.

Career Changers

Career Changers

Career professionals outside of education that are aspiring educators with a desire to make a difference. No formal experience in a classroom is necessary.

Experienced Educators

Experienced Educators

Educators without a teaching license seeking a formal certification to gain employment as a certified teacher in the US or abroad.

Meet your TCP Team

Nikki Wishard

Dr. Nikki Wishard, Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction

TCP Online Mentor & Instructor

TCP students will work under the guidance of Dr. Nikki Wishard. In addition to an impressive career in education, she also holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and a Master’s in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.

Irma Berardi

Irma Berardi, B.Ed., OCT


In addition to supporting you through the application and admissions process, Irma can also advise and help you explore a career post-graduation of TCP.

Autumn Talebi, B.Ed., edTPA Specialist

Autumn Talebi, B.Ed., edTPA Specialist


TCP students will be guided and directed through their clinical placement experience in the classroom from their Preparation Coordinator, Autumn Talebi.

La’Toya Thomas-Dixon, M.Ed.

La’Toya Thomas-Dixon, M.Ed.


Roshondra Sipp, MS.Ed.

Roshondra Sipp, MS.Ed.


Jilliane Steelman, MA in Special Education

Jilliane Steelman, MA in Special Education


Dr. Arti Joshi, Ph.D. in Child and Family Studies

Dr. Arti Joshi, Ph.D. in Child and Family Studies


About Teach Away

Teachaway Team

We believe no matter how student success is achieved, or what the measure is, there’s one critical factor that will never change - the power of a great teacher.

After over a decade in international education, we’ve learned a thing or two about teacher training, employment, and continuing professional development. One thing that hasn’t changed, our mission to solve the global teacher shortage with amazing teachers.

But not all things are created equally. To address teacher certification and employment in the United States we understand it requires a unique and localized solution, that’s how our Teacher Certification Program was born.

To that end, our vision at Teach Away is to create a world where every student experiences the power of a great teacher through preparing and supporting aspiring teachers from training to employment and beyond.

Course Curriculum

As a student in TCP, you will complete six months (360 hours) of online coursework that focuses on core pedagogical approaches and perspectives, followed by a clinical placement in Hawai’i and edTPA assessment.

Frequently asked questions

An affordable certification program

Teach Away is partnered with a payment plan provider to give students a no interest option and get started on their Teacher Certification right away. Students have the option to enrol in TCP with a 0% interest payment plan for 6 months and pay in installments.

Start your teaching career today.

Become a US certified teacher with Teach Away.

Complete the program in as little as 6 months

Flexible online course delivery

Payment plan option

The option to complete TCP Core Online and Clinical Placement in Hawai’i consecutively or concurrently

Peers, schools & recruitment professionals to support you throughout your journey

$5,000 USD